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Hello There, We are excited to announce IBLC Meet and Greet Event 2019, the Second Edition of our Annual Ibeju-Lekki Connect get-together event: a day of fun, food and friendship. Ibejulekkiconnect, a.k.a IBLC, is a community of residents and businesses on the Ajah-Ibeju-Lekki-Epe axis of Lagos state. Our aim is to create an enabling environment for positive and mutually beneficial associations amongst residents and businesses alike. This platform founded in March, 2016, has brought together individuals who have transitioned from being strangers to becoming friends/Family whilst doing business transactions with one another; Hence our motto: ‘Chance made us Neighbours, Ibejulekkiconnect made us friends’ IBLC Meet and Greet 2.0 is another perfect opportunity to meet other Neighbours/ Residents and Businesses in the Ajah-Ibeju-Lekki-Epe community. Gate Fee for this event stands at =N= 5,000 Naira per head Asides, attending the event, participants can also have samples of their products in the Events Goody bag (to be distributed to all attendees) for FREE AVAILABLE SPONSORSHIP SLOTS Event carrier bags (Logo Branded) N100,000 Event Ushers/Hostesses and their t-Shirts and caps (Logo Branded)

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I can't aptly type my thoughts as regards this at the moment. It's not that I have no words but I'm just tired. More like exhausted, It has been a crazily hectic week for me that the word "busy" would sound like an understatement. I am however curious as to where to find or how to identify this "a lot of the more than 60% of our youthful population that wants these freebies"......because one thing i know for sure is that this generation of mine has never had a breather. Na so so work work! Hustle hustle!! Right from our mother's wombs and just when we thought things were getting better, recession hit baaaaddddd. Yet every day we wake up, dress up, rush out in Lagos traffic with shoulders held high and hope in our hearts that the day might just be different. My dear generation if they don't see our hustle....We see it. We feel it. We know it and we praise ourselves for it. I've never been more proud of a Nigerian youth generation. Tiri (three) gbosa for us all.....The hard-working ones ? __________________________ Send in your requests, adverts; event information, seminars/ workshops etc or just introduce your business to a potential clientele via DM or Email to ads@ibejulekkiconnect.com We are, your neighbourhood Go-to

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