About IBLC

Ibejulekkiconnect, a.k.a IBLC, is a Social Enterprise; Nigeria’s No. 1 community-focused group of residents and businesses on the Outskirts of Eti-Osa-Ajah-Ibeju-Lekki-Epe axis of Lagos state. Find out more at linktr.ee/ibejulekkiconnect

Our Vision

To become the Go-to partner for Neighbourhood communities In Outskirts of Eti-Osa-Ajah-Ibeju-Lekki-Epe, Lagos, Nigeria.

Our Mission

To create an enabling environment to foster positive and mutually beneficial associations amongst residents and businesses within the neighbourhood.

Our Motto

Our motto is "Chance made us Neighbours, Ibejulekkiconnect made us friends"

The IBLC story

Ibeju-Lekki connect (a registered Trademark of Bedazzle Innovations Multi-Services Limited) was founded in March 2016 by Ore-Oluwa Solana (linktr.ee/oresolana). Find below, her story:

I moved to Awoyaya in 2015 from the mainland. My entire life and business was already built and settled on the mainland, therefore, it took a huge toll on me, having to leave friends and extended family members and my then very easy already-settled-down life to start afresh in this “bush” place called Ibeju-Lekki. I spent countless months going back to and fro the mainland to shop for groceries, salon and spa visits and even to visit family and friends.

The few people I knew who lived around here long before I moved in with my family, also shopped on the mainland. I was like “kilode? I can’t be travelling to the mainland all the time na” 

So I started this incredible initiative @ibejulekkiconnect (on istagram) in my quest to find a lasting solution to this settling down challenge that I had.  My first post was a huge success as a few neighbours reached out (yaaayyy!!!!… new friends). …. Then I spoke to my next door neighbour at the time. Ironically, they were having the exact same settling-down issue, so we resolved to share with one another, whatever information we could get/find as regards our new neighbourhood.

As days went by, we began to explore and share our discoveries. We found businesses we could patronize in the neighbourhood. People who grilled stuff (chicken , Turkey and the likes); 

cold room where we could buy frozen foods in cartons, places where we could buy tomatoes, pepper, onions, fruits, fresh vegetables etc…. we also discovered hair salons, nail studios etc. We even explored new supermarkets as they opened. 

Chai….it wasn’t easy but we persevered. And for every business discovered, I posted on the IBLC Instagram page so other neighbours who had begun to interact with me via the platform, could settle in much easier and faster than I did. 

After about a year and a half later, I restructured IBLC and placed it as a product under my company Bedazzle Innovations Multi-Service Limited and also applied for a trademark for it.

Since 2016, a lot of testimonials and accolades have been pouring in as regards this amazing initiative. Someone I know from the mainland recently moved into the area, a fashion entrepreneur! She came to visit me and asked about IBLC. She also asked for where she could buy stuff around. I asked, “Like what?” She answered “food and fabrics”…. Without batting an eyelid, I submitted FIVE Instagram handles. Yes you read right, not 1, F-I-V-E!!!! 2 for food and 3 for fabrics.

Two days after, this new neighbour sent me this message (Thanks a bunch for introducing me to the mile12 lady. She is such a pleasant person and the service makes a lot of sense)